Automating the automotive industry’s components and process benefits in terms of minimal involvement of human efforts, with reduced labor cost, reliability, and scope of accuracy along with progressive savings in consumption of energy.

Simple Integral aims to transform automotive components supply chain logistics via smart automation, augmenting crucial industrial parameters such as warehouse productivity and safety of employees and workers, while simultaneously reducing errors and wastage.

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The unbending demands for process optimization and rigid regulatory compliance are driving a shift towards automation in the pharmaceutical industry, the most research-intensive and captious sectors that has a direct impact on human lives and efforts.

Simple Integral, with its solutions and offerings to conventional pharmaceutical logistics, entrust companies achieve increased output with considerable quantities, improve overall operational performance, and drastically bringing down wastage and errors.


Logistic industries, an integrated warehouse-steered domain, will garner huge benefits by implementing automation such as omnichannel fulfillment, timely and accurate deliveries, and precise packaging processes.

Simple Integral pioneers in catering immense value for their clients by offering their solutions to automate warehouse and achieve cost optimization simultaneously resulting in the ever-surging volumes and customer expectations. We create automated material handling solutions that pace the speed and accuracy of warehouse operations.

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Food and Consumer Goods

Change in lifestyles has led to increased demands of packed food and beverages. The uncompromising regulations for packaging and storage have led to a visible shift from manufacturers to retailers. The processes concentrating on 0% contamination or adulteration, explicit storage, and high paced storage and retrieval operations are the foremost reasons why automation at every stage of the process has become vital in food and consumer productions.

Simple Integral at the edge of transformation of food and consumer good production supports with smart automation solutions that are designed specifically to deliver accurate flow with material handling & transfer systems along with special purpose machines to reduce human efforts in order to maximize the efficiency in the production quality and quantity.

Electronic & Electrical Equipment

With time, the innovation in the electronic and electrical equipment industry has led to expedite the process of manufacturing these products too. These industries involve a higher scope of accuracy and less human intervention to reduce the errors and wastage.

Simple Integral with their expertise in the field of providing robotic solutions, visions to eliminate the human errors and involvements, and offer cost-effective ways to expand and capture the electronic equipment industries to drive commendable outputs with customized solutions meeting each client’s operations and needs. e desired outputs, which are the final developed product for the clients.

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