Robotics systems allow replacing human labor as it involves the task of moving and lifting a heavy load and eliminating travel and searching time, enabling better utilization of space and achieving higher efficiency. With the advanced technology Robotic System automates industrial applications to reduce production costs.

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Types of Robotic System

There are 3 types of Robotic Systems - Manipulation Robotic System, The Mobile Robotic, and Data Acquisition and control robotic system.

  •  Manipulation Robotic System
  •  The Mobile Robotic
  •  Data Acquisition and control robotic system

Manipulation Robotic System:

Manipulation Robotic System is the most commonly used Robotic System in the manufacturing industries considering the limitation of workspace, the mechanical structure of the robot is compact, light-weight with quick installation and safety as a system carrier to manipulate objects skillfully to enhance the productivity.

Mobile Robotic System:

Mobile Robotic System consists of an automated platform that moves items from one place to another. By using advanced techniques, it automates the process that creates more efficient manufacturing operations. Robotic System is useful to reduce the production costs and increase productivity. The Automotive Industry is the actual consumer of industrial automation to produce high-quality automobiles. The mobile robotic System works automatically to pre-programmed the destination of work in the loading and unloading process.

Data Acquisition and Control Robotic System:

Data Acquisition and control robotic systems gather, process, and transmit data for a variety of signals. This system stores the data and provides it to software that can be decoded by the relevant end industry. Data Acquisition and Robotic System increase the data accessibility to the customers and provide security from theft. It allows the data to flow through various subsystems to provide extra security and increase data accessibility.

  •  Robotic Systems are flexible to work in every condition with higher efficiency.
  •  This System in the manufacturing industry function for those tasks which require extra focus .
  •  Having repetitive behavior in order to minimize wastage and maximize productivity.

Why Robotic System in Manufacturing Industry?

Superior Production

Robotic System are used to produce superior quality product with reduced number of errors that contribute in increasing the work efficiency.

Improved Workplace Safety

Robotic System is designed to work with better efficiency to build the powerhouse of productivity by enabling safety to the employee by preventing them from work in a hazardous environment. It eases out scope of any accidents happening as it reduces the man efforts by replacing the task of moving and lifting heavy load and eliminating travel and searching time, enabling better utilization of space and achieving higher efficiency.

Faster Time Cycles

Robotic System automates the work that makes work faster to increase the production by doubling the production speed and reducing the labor costs. The actual lead time of the production gets deducted and hence results in delivering high-performance outputs.


Robotic Systems are consistent in developing similar quality end products with high efficiency in lesser time with no such human intervention, which makes the process and the end product more reliable.

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